Martin J. Augustyniak

Facade and Roof Cladding Specialist, Walter P Moore


Martin J. Augustyniak is a special projects consultant for Walter P Moore. He serves as a specialty consultant to our design team with particular focus on evaluating, selecting, testing and implementing attractive and cost-efficient roof and facade structure. He is also leading a team of researchers in developing an architectural enhanced transparent material that will add strength and a higher degree of solar control to existing industry standard transparent roofing and facade materials. In filling this role, he will build on his 20 years of hands-on research, design and supplyside experience in the delivery of over a dozen major sports venues globally.

Prior to joining Walter P Moore, Martin served as Director of Engineering and Technology at BIRDAIR, INC. In this role he developed research initiatives through product line diversification and expansion. He led engineering teams in North America, Europe and Asia to ensure cladding solutions were properly developed, tested, specified, manufactured and installed. He is a creative thinker and product developer in this emerging field, holding several related patents and remains involved in several leading-edge development initiatives.

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