John Lanari

General Manager – Kinetics, Enclos


John Lanari serves as General Manager for Enclos Corporation’s Kinetics division, a group of structural, mechanical, electrical and control systems engineers specializing in operable facades for the curtainwall industry.  John earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1988.  After spending several years in the aerospace and subsequently mining industries, he began a career at Uni-Systems based in Minneapolis where he helped transform the company from a manufacturer of hangar doors and aircraft maintenance equipment into the nation’s leading stadium retractable roof and operable wall mechanization system design-builders overseeing the design, fabrication and installation of the Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans stadium retractable roof mechanization systems, operable walls, and/or retractable field mechanization systems.  John left his role as Uni-Systems’ Vice President of Operations in 2013 to create the Kinetics group at Enclos.  Enclos Kinetics has since then successfully completed numerous custom-engineered projects with large operable curtainwall elements at 360 Chicago Tilt (Chicago), the Pier 17 South Street Seaport (Manhattan), Amazon Rufus Spheres (Seattle) and Oceanwide Plaza (Los Angeles).  The Enclos Kinetics group designed and is currently fabricating the 85-foot-high operable walls for the new Las Vegas football stadium.

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