Clayton Binkley

Associate, Arup


Clayton Binkley is an Associate at Arup. His work reflects his belief that high quality and holistic design can be achieved through creative engineering solutions and he enjoys collaborating with design partners across a wide range of disciplines. His project experience includes bridges, buildings, sculptures, lightweight and kinetic structures. He is a leader in design computation at Arup, and specializes in the design of complex and highly detailed structures by leveraging custom computational tools to produce efficient structural designs. He has extensive experience developing software for structural and geometric analysis and optimization. Prior to his career as a structural engineer, Clayton owned and operated a metal fabrication business in New York City focusing on art, architecture and furniture and machine fabrication. He holds a BA in sculpture from Yale University and a MEng from the University of Bath.

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Session 3 – Unstatic

1:45 pm - 3:15 pm