Chris O’Hara

Founding Principal and the Facade Director – Skins Group, Studio NYL


Chris is a founding principal and the facade director for the Skins Group which is a division of Studio NYL.  Chris began his career in facades working with structural glass and tensile systems to promote transparency. He and the studio have developed a specialty for non-traditional materials ranging from low tech such as rammed earth to the high tech such as carbon fiber composites.

As building skins generally deliver more than aesthetics, or the visual appearance of a structure's exterior implied by the term 'façade,' he developed the Skins Group to embrace modern skin- or enclosure-technology to react to building performance as well as appearance and constructibilty.  Chris and his team have developed a reputation for realizing some of their Architect’s more challenging vision whether that be driven by performance, cost or structural challenge of the project.  Chris is currently working on projects on 5 continents ranging from low income single family homes to stadiums to highrises.

Chris currently sits on the AIA National – Technology in Architectural Practice Committee, is a board member of the Native American Sustainable Housing Initiative and the Education Advisory Board for CONSTRUCT – CSI’s national conference.  He is a frequent lecturer on both structure and façade across the nation and has served on multiple AIA Boards over the years.

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