Benjamin Fay P.E.

Director of Engineering, W&W Glass


Benjamin Fay P.E., has been the creative and technical force behind W&W Glass custom structural and tension facades for the past 17 years. Ben is a collaborative leader connecting diverse groups of people and talent to accomplish projects that reflect excellence and innovation. For Ben, the most successful projects are the ones in which each member of the team contributed their personal strength to the project and the finished work reflected an excellence beyond the capabilities of any one team member.

Ben has been a quiet but consistent voice in current facade technology. Some of his more recent accomplishments are the 78 ft tall flexible structureless corners at Hudson Yards Tower C, the double-skin wall at the USC Broad Center, and the elegant, minimal entrance portals at 650 Madison Avenue and 1290 Avenue of the Americas.

When not designing facades, Ben enjoys snowy afternoons deep in the woods on his back-country skis.