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Facade Tectonics
2016 World Congress

October 10-11, 2016 | Los Angeles

Sheraton Grand Hotel Los Angeles

16 AIA CES HSW LUs Credits

Finally, a conference about facades for both professionals and academics featuring blind peer reviewed papers with both new research and case studies.

Planning is deeply underway for the 2016 Annual Conference and inaugural World Congress. The summit will include speaking and poster presentations, panel discussions, exhibitors and workshops addressing the theme Face Time: The Emergence of Facade as the Integrative Factor in Holistic Building Design. A minimum of five tracks are planned over two consecutive days, which will include 25 sessions and 75 speaker presentations. Face Time will combine the art, science and technology of the building skin with an unparalleled networking opportunity from the domestic and international building community.


Facade Tectonics started in 2007 at the USC School of Architecture with considerable efforts in ongoing conferences, research initiatives and publications related to the building envelope. In 2015, we saw the coalescence of these efforts in the formation of the Facade Tectonics Institute. The dialogue we started together in 2007, along with the assets and activities we have accumulated along the way, now have a permanent home at the Institute. However, the Institute is not merely a string of conferences; we are a building facade focused research institute that produces events as educational and collaborative outreach, bridging the fragmentation that characterizes our industry, ultimately bringing together industry, the profession, academia, government, ownership, and others. In addition, we are expanding our publication programs, launching new research initiatives, developing educational programs, pursuing research grant opportunities, and forming working groups to address key areas of building facade science and technology at this very moment.

By now we’ve reached such a level of enthusiasm and participation that we have outgrown our on-campus facilities.  The 2016 Annual Conference and Inaugural World Congress will be held October 9-11 in a high-profile venue in downtown Los Angeles.  We will continue to host smaller regional forums such as previous ones: at precast concrete at USC, lighting and daylighting at UTSA, the future of facades at the AIA National Convention, façade workshop in Shanghai, and others. Become a member to get on our mailing list and be the first to know about coming events.


As a member-based organization, we encourage your further participation. Please consider joining the Institute as a Founding Member here. Both organizational and individual membership is available. Sponsorship inquiries are welcome here. Use code FOUNDINGMEMBER for half-price membership and sponsorship throughout 2016.

Douglas E. Noble, FAIA, Ph.D.       
Managing Director of the Facade Tectonics Institute
Director of the Chase L. Leavitt Graduate Building Science Program
Chair of the Ph.D. Program and Co-Founder of the CLIPPER Lab
School of Architecture
University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California  90089-0291  USA

Mic Patterson, LEED AP (BD+C)
President, Facade Tectonics Institute
Director of Strategic Development
Virtual Construction Lab; Schuco-USA
310-266-5724 m