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Staticus, a facade engineering and curtainwall design company, is one of the largest specialty design-build contractors in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. The company has highly qualified engineering staff that provides unique, comprehensive facade solutions for covering the entire building. The firm focus’ on unitized curtain wall systems, tailor-made solutions for exclusive projects, and environment-friendly and sustainable products.

The company‘s main activity is aluminum-glass, frameless glass, ventilated facade structures design, manufacturing and installation. Distinctive features of the company are a highly qualified engineering staff that is capable of creating and implementing nonstandard or even an entirely new technical and architectural solutions, in addition to comprehensive solutions for the entire building facade. The company is working with major construction companies in Scandinavia, such as PEAB, SKANSKA, AF GRUPPEN or NCC, and has earned their trust and recognition. While being one of the most known Scandinavian facade contractors, the firm has experienced rapid growth in the United Kingdom. The company designs and implements facade solutions with the best European aluminum suppliers such as Schüco, Wicona, and Raynaers.